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Hmm, ok quick bio! I grew up in New England. Kinda stumbled in school. Did some time in the US Army. Did my thing in Iraq. Now i walk a daze in life.

Easily bored, easily amused. The paradox of the Black Rabbit.

Current Residence: Ma
Favourite genre of music: the fuckin complicated tree of rock
Favourite style of art: Dark,Tribal,Scratch,and whatever looks cool
Operating System: my thoughts....under construction
MP3 player of choice: winamp
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Wallpaper of choice: the cool ones
Skin of choice: the fleshy kind
Favourite cartoon character: Dib,Hobbes,Zap Brandegon,Snake eyes
Personal Quote: "Cuz the blood is in the mud, take the whack and attack em like a scud" -Public Enemy


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A lil hiccup with the commissions

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 9:44 AM
Arrr, these set backs are getting annoying.

Alright, we said we wanted exclusively on our sight, but our sorums are having a large issue that were not sure how to fix.

SO, we'd like everyone involved to post their art on our DA group,….

That way it will all be in one place and be easy to find. Just throw everything in the feature folder


Alright, everyone whose interested in participating in the T5R Classes Project, will receive 5$ or 400 :points: 's a class (up to 4 classes max) The classes must be full body and colored.

If your interested send a note to :iconblackrabbit98: about your interest and which classes you want to do. Only 1 artist can do a class.

Here are the classes and descriptions

The 5 Realms: Classes- WarriorsThe Master of Arms
The Master of arms is a warrior by the very definition of the word, dependent on his physical endurance and strength to overpower his enemies. Able to analyze any situation and unleash devastating blows and combos with all types of melee weapons, the master of arms is a versatile and vital member of any adventuring party.
The Mystic Warrior
The Mystic Warrior Chooses to augment his weapon attacks with magical properties. Able to channel any type of magic into his attacks, the mystic warrior will always have a distinct advantage when fighting any enemy. Creating weapons of great power then further augmenting them with magical runes is a classic mystic Warrior strategy for victory.
The Slayer
The Slayer is the apex hunter, with the skill set needed to take down any prey; may it be a bounty or beast. Whether trapping a target live, or disabling an enemy for the easy kill, the Slayer's abilities allow versatile attacks to ensure a winning streak is i
  The 5 Realms: Classes- CastersThe Mage
The Guilded Mage is the master of the elements, bending them to his will and even summoning elementals to his side. Able to create, shape, and manipulate, 8 primal elements found throughout The Five Realms. The Guilded Mage wears one of 8 colored robes representing the elemental magic he studies. Often, he is one of the most deadly combatants on any battlefield.
The Shaman
The Shaman is one with nature, and understands its destructive potential like no other. Able to both tame and morph into wild creatures, the shaman is at home in any environment found across The Five Realms. Even the terrain itself bends to the will of the shaman, allowing him to manipulate it how hes sees fit. Nothing is wasted in nature, and as such, the shaman can use the souls of fallen enemies, or even their blood to his advantage.
The Wizard
The Wizard is seen as the Nomad of Knowledge. A wizard might transverse the entire universe, trek countless planes, witness the death of a su

The 5 Realms: Classes- RoguesThe Ninja
The ninja is the master stealth combatant of The Five Realms. Like a warrior, he prefers weapons to do damage, but unlike a warrior, he has to depend on poise and grace to defeat his enemies. Through great feats of agility, the ninja can become invisible to even the best trained eye, dodge seemingly undodgeable attacks, and with training in assassination; dispatch enemies before his presence was even known.
The Ranger
The Ranger is the master of guerrilla warfare across The Five Realms. He is at home in any terrain. The Ranger has the traps, equipment, and companions to make anyone pay who enters his domain. When supported by his stealth and equipment, his skill with ranged weapons and unrivaled physical prowess makes the Ranger a force to be reckoned with.
The Grifter
Item requisition specialist extraordinaire. The Grifter is the master thief of The Five Realms. Whether stealing the smallest amount of silver or the most powerful artifacts known to the r
  The 5 Realms: Classes- TemplarsThe Cleric
The Cleric is the beacon of of light on the battlefield. Able to protect and inspire, the Cleric is a durable holy warrior who preserves the life of his allies. Heavy armor combined with potent magic and leadership potential, makes a cleric one of the best hopes for any combatant's survival. They may not be the best at killing their enemies, but the Cleric excels at keeping their allies safe from harm so they might fight another day.
The Silent One
The Silent One is the right hand of Jedeo: The Goddess of Righteousness. The Silent One is an un-faultering warrior for good, and will vanquish evil wherever it may be found. Choosing stealth and precise strikes the Silent One strikes down evil with an unrivaled quickness. The Silent One's weapon of choice is the Silencer, a light one handed katana. With it, there is no force the Silent One can't overcome.
The Priest
The priest brings the word and will of his god to the world. Versed in many forms of magic, t


:bulletgreen: Master of Arms: open

:bulletred: Mystic Warrior: reserved koledarche

:bulletred: Slayer: reserved ObsydianDreamer

:bulletred: Wild Runner: reserved KidOblivion

:bulletred: Samurai: reserved lazpev

:bulletred: Free Fighter: reserved Solchan

:bulletred: Mage: reserved crazyshiro

:bulletred: Shaman: reserved RaizaBlackbone

:bulletred: Tuner: reserved Icecreammouth

:bulletred: Necromancer: reserved RaizaBlackbone

:bulletred: Auramancer: reserved KidOblivion

:bulletred: Caller: reserved KidOblivion

:bulletred: Ninja: reserved Solchan

:bulletred: Ranger: reserved Solchan

:bulletgreen: Grifter: open

:bulletred: Bard: reserved jukrzy

:bulletred: Jack of All Trades: reserved crazyshiro

:bulletred: Cleric: reserved crazyshiro

:bulletred: Silent One: reserved jukrzy

:bulletred: Priest: reserved Solchan

:bulletred: Aspect of the Jade Hawk: reserved Icecreammouth

:bulletred: Hand of Allana: reserved KidOblivion

:bulletred: Dragon Walker: reserved lazpev

:bulletred: Priest of the Black Moon: reserved crazyshiro

:bulletred: Knight of Malice: reserved RaizaBlackbone

  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: RWBY Season 1 Intro/ 2nd season intro isnt as good
  • Reading: RPG notes
  • Watching: Legend of Korra
  • Playing: Pathfinder
  • Eating: Chicken and stuffing
  • Drinking: mmhm Mocha Milkshakes *drool*


To help pay for Super Groups, competion prizes, and contest rewards, I'm hoping to get a little help for the the future. So I'll be taking point commissions. I know I'm not the best artist on Deviant Art, but, heh, I can hold my own at times.

To request a commission: Leave a note with your request. Some information may be required further.

The Menu:

Black and White picture of your OC
Kyzo Haze: We Own the Night by Blackrabbit98
300 :points:

Shaded in picture of your OC
Night Angel Tribute by Blackrabbit98
400 :points:

Colored picture of your OC
Austin by Blackrabbit98
400 :points:

Detailed Written Battle of your two OC's
Ragnarok vs FarustoDeep within the sailing deserts of the Sands of Power stood two warriors, both of considerable power. Both clenched their fists and stared intensely at one another. Farusto the draconian God of Warriors. Sheathed by his side was his stunningly powerful No-Dochi, a two-handed sword with a single frightening edge. Draped in samurai armor he stretched his massive scaled wings. With a toothy grin he called out to his opponent: Ragnarok.
“I've waited for you to free yourself from the grip of Death so that I may finally face you.”
Ragnarok stood motionless save for the scorching breeze blowing his long dirty blonde hair. He wore no armor or shirt, baring his gruesome scars earned from various battles with demons. His cold eyes burned into the very soul of Farusto as he spat his answer back, “I'll bring you down, and not even Death will save you from your embarrassing defeat.”
Farusto let of a grin and slid his feet into the sand falling into a aggressive fighting stan

200 :points:



:iconkoledarche: :iconcrazyshiro: :iconjukrzy: :iconsephtis: :iconswordsusa:


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Juan-CN Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hey thanx for the +watch and faves :3 I'll watch you back too~
Blackrabbit98 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
you dont have too, i just really like your style ^^;
Spectrumelf Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hey, man! I totally lost track of the conversation where you linked to a bunch of dual-wield weapon videos. For the life of me, I keep looking through a bunch of deviations but I can't find those links! Do you remember which conversation you put those in?

Thanks, heh heh! =3
Blackrabbit98 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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crazyshiro Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
Sorry for bugging out on you earlier. My internet shut down for most of the day. 

By the way... I made a mistake earlier. Most crossbows didn't require a crank. That was very specifically the arbalest... the French response to the English Longbow. A normal crossbow only has about a 4-second reload time. 
Blackrabbit98 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
its all good
Blackrabbit98 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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