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Battle Requests!!!!!

:star: Looking for a neat way to honor your OC's or want to read a dream battle between your favorite characters? Well, you've come to the right place. I'm offering to write Battle Scenarios, for free!

- OC Battles: I can do 1v1 fights between you're own OC's. Ill need their abilities, descriptions, personalities, and bios

- Dream Match Ups - I can do 1v1 fights between established characters from popular media. (this may take some time for research and may not be entirely accurate based on abilities I may not be familiar with)

Im only taking 5 requests at a time and completion time may vary.

Examples of my work:

Guster vs Kler: Piss Poor Plan MixThe rain was coming down hard when Guster snuck aboard Kler Bastelle's ship: The Slice of Hades. The captain, Kler, was Guster's next target, and he just missed him at Kler's favorite tavern. According to Guster's contacts Kler manned a ship with a small crew of about twenty, so sneaking aboard, instead of getting Kler alone, may not have been the best idea. Guster shrugged as he started to regret his hasty plan.
His back against netted cargo, Guster tried earnestly tried to light a cigarette, but failed each time as the rain soaked his matches. Frusterated by the weather and his situation, he pocketed his cigarettes and began stealthily move around the upper deck of the ship.
Halting around some barrels, Guster drew some razor wire, wrapping it around both hands until the thin wire was taut. He cautiously approached an unsuspecting sailor. Guster held his breath to lower heart rate as he stalked his target. As the sailor moved away from his resting place, Guster sprang on him, wrappin
Guster vs SethTradewind City was bustling as always. People pushed down the busy cobblestone streets as vendors attempted to persuade potential customers to buy their wares. The sun pelted down rays and the salty air sailed from the drifting waves of the ocean into the city. Guster adjusted his bowler hat as he leaned against a smooth stone building. His tongue played with a toothpick in his mouth as he went over the information in his head
Let's see, my target is that chump over there. Seth Rosenwell, is his name according to Alvain spies. Gotta send a message to Moonwave that you don't fuck with Alva. Heh, I'll make short work of this boy.
Guster was eying a young man with short messy black hair and a black cloak over his clothes. On his side, Guster spotted that he carried a large revolver and a sword. The young man was inspecting a various assortment of trinkets that laid on a blanket. The vendor was gleaming his teeth as he tried to peddle his wares. Seth didn't seem to be paying atten
Ragnarok vs FarustoDeep within the sailing deserts of the Sands of Power stood two warriors, both of considerable power. Both clenched their fists and stared intensely at one another. Farusto the draconian God of Warriors. Sheathed by his side was his stunningly powerful No-Dochi, a two-handed sword with a single frightening edge. Draped in samurai armor he stretched his massive scaled wings. With a toothy grin he called out to his opponent: Ragnarok.
“I've waited for you to free yourself from the grip of Death so that I may finally face you.”
Ragnarok stood motionless save for the scorching breeze blowing his long dirty blonde hair. He wore no armor or shirt, baring his gruesome scars earned from various battles with demons. His cold eyes burned into the very soul of Farusto as he spat his answer back, “I'll bring you down, and not even Death will save you from your embarrassing defeat.”
Farusto let of a grin and slid his feet into the sand falling into a aggressive fighting stan
Faust vs Josephine: Silent Night MixFaust cautiously strode through the African Savannah, Magpie rode upon his shoulder, as he scanned the grassy ocean for threats. Threats such as lions, hyenas, and most of all: his next opponent.
The sun was setting at the moment; the dry heat was transforming into a cool temperature. Fires scattered across the land kept Faust's vision from going null as dusk's shadows crept in. Faust turned his attention to his familiar, “No sign of a another bird?”
The magpie responded with his usual silence. It's ghostly aura burned off its preening feathers. Faust scowled from being ignored, “I don't like talking to a wall, bird. I'd accept a simple 'No'.”
The magpie shifted its tiny head to the east. A pillar struck down into the ground with a brilliant flash, casting away the dimming shadows in the sky. The bird spoke in a collective tone, “Turtle Dove approaches.”
Faust took a brisk pace in the light's direction, halting at least twenty feet from a now materia


:bulletred: Sonicbran23 wants a battle between his OC vs Darth Vader

:bulletblue: slowpoke09 wants a battle between 2 OC's

:bulletpurple: I5Spiders wants a battle between 2 OC's




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Hmm, ok quick bio! I grew up in New England. Kinda stumbled in school. Did some time in the US Army. Did my thing in Iraq. Now i walk a daze in life.

Easily bored, easily amused. The paradox of the Black Rabbit.

Current Residence: Ca
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Personal Quote: "Cuz the blood is in the mud, take the whack and attack em like a scud" -Public Enemy

Jessica Jones and Into the Badlands

Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:49 PM
Whilst i was sick in bed all this last weekend, I was able to binge on Jessica Jones (marvel's new netflix masterpiece)


It was damn good. Better than Daredevil? I think so. The characters, all of them, were real fleshed out and interesting. I can't say the same for Daredevil save for kingpin and matt murdoch.

AND FUCK! Killgrave (The Purple Man) was just outstanding. Just like Kingpin, you just can't help root for him.


Into the Badlands, blew me out of the water more.

Its a freaking Post Apocalyptic world where guns are replaced with swords and kung fu!!!!

It was soooooo amazing. 


When i tweeted my love for the show, one of the main actors of that show "liked" my tweet!!! Kudox for the show.

Into the Badlands is sundays on AMC, Jessica Jones is on netflix, check em both out!

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